Wifi Passsword Show New Method

By review, I can confirm that the app is capable of accurately measuring the bare bone basics of internet speed. Upload Speed (speed at which data leaves your phone), Download Speed (speed at which data enters your phone), and Ping (millisecond delay). However, thanks to my phone, it automatically d…

Had to improve my wifi itwas painfully slow, after installing an external antenna it was reassuring to see just how much both download and upload speeds have improved, very easy to use thanks developer.

Very small package that really works good and fast. Another app i looked at was almost 40 meg? full of spying garbage i imagine. This app 1.8 meg works like it was designed by pro’s.

Straight to the point. Uncomplicated. NO having to fuss with buttons and other functions. If Functionality and simplicity; period. If all you need is an app that measures ONLY PING, DOWNLOAD, and UPLOAD SPEEDS, THEN THIS APP IS IT.

This app turned out to consume 500+ megabytes of mobile data in three weeks, of which 130+ megabytes by running in the background. Those on limited data plans should be aware that it will significantly drain their data allotment.

Very good and accurate. I installed my new Internet equipment and downloaded this from positive reviews. Something people need to be aware of is that If you have connected onto a WiFi Extender your speed will be considerably lower then connecting directly onto the actual WiFi. Just something I notic…


I didn’t understand it but I just was going off of what the wifi numbers was. I don’t know what any of the numbers mean so it was operator stupidity lol but good app ill reinstall when I learn what the numbers mean. I wish they did have a setting where it showed ” terrible, super slow, slow, normal …

takes 24mb phone space. accurate results. history is available which is unique and good. However, detailed analysis not available. I have tested over a dozen top rated apps. I only found Netflix’s Fast app better than this. So good work devs 👍

So far so good…seems acurate in comparison to the speed my ps4 clocks.just hope it doesnt get too crazy with ads….i dont mind seeing adds in the actual app but when you ad a new app then shortly after everything you do on your phone is being interupted with adds…time too delete.

I need to test upload speed because here in Canada internet providers is scamming customers. I pay a lot $ for a 60mb/10mb. Most of the time I get 12mb download and 0.01 upload and sometimes 0 upload, and internet not working. This app shows 11.2mb upload but when I check with browser it is showing …

Great , fast , free & uncluttered! Gives accurate speed, no adds and light on size!

Absolutely perf. Simple and accurate. Gives same readings as bt wholesale speed test

Great app! Works just as you would expect, bonus feature is the History of previous tests. THANK YOU, Developers, for making such an awesome app, for free!!!

It’s best and a clean interface is working as a charm taking zero battery power!!!😀😀😀

very simple, very basic, well done. it doesnt repeatedly demand to be allowed to make phone calls on your phone like other apps. My suggestions, show and list, my vpn running, list if im secure like the safety dot app does, and server location. sometimes these apps dont select the closest or best se…

Did 3 different tests and they all had a huge difference between them all within a 20 second period. I’m the only 1 on the internet and it’s just my phone.
It used be very simple and faster. After today’s update, the app takes too long to start showing speeds as it keeps waiting for ping response. Once it starts showing download Speed, even if you tap pause button, it continues to download and goes on to show upload speed. Pause button no more working….

Fast to install. No adds as description said. Simply do the job. Thumbs up man! 🙂 Edited: it seems that the dev opted for advertisement now. It still performs very well, but the add made it doesn’t deserve five stars any longer. So here it is: my four stars instead of five.

5 to 10 mb download is not big deal for me, If there is any bugs in yours application you can fix it or update, The things makes me liked to your apps is no ads, i think you should keep on that , so i recooment to my family and friend to download it. I give 5 star for now, It will turn into 3 star i…


Is extremely optimized compared to others I tried. Got because I wanted to know how slow my provider made my “unlimited” LTE plan… went down to .10mbps… 100 kilobytes a second… was extremely upset and unable to use other speed tests because of the slow speed. This app is very simple and worked…

I have been using this app for a while & it has been a good experience until now…… Since updating to version 1.5.5 it just sits on the main screen showing the Pause icon with spinning light. The History screen shows wifi strength is good, shows date & time test started but shows No speed details…

What a BS! Inaccurate af! Results gave too high of an internet speed and low ping when my internet isn’t! I’ve compared this with Ookla’s Speed Test app, though their app is sh8, it is way more accurate than this sh8! I’m also aware of the difference with Mbps & MB/s. I easily notice this BULL$&%T t…

Simple and straight forward. It just does what a speed app should do by measuring the speed of download and upload immediately when the app is touched, almost immediately. It is without any Ads (till now) and shows speed directly without any unwanted details. keep it up.

Great app. Most accurate tests provided between a couple apps I’ve tested. Ping results also always on par with my ingame ping results. Would love to see dBm/asu readings as well as reading comparisons between my Mobile and WiFi connections. Maybe in future updates if possible. Well done so far.

Simply awesome!! Correct results with no ads!!👍👍👍👍

I just installed this app and ran it twice. The download speed is 50 mps faster than I pay for and upload is slower, but that was a given as all providers never tell the truth about upload speeds. Lol Thanks for a nice in-obtrusive product that delivers what you say. My vote is 5 star all the way.

Best speed metering tool ever. Small, no need to push any button to start the test, would be happy to pay for the ad-free version. Good job, Guys! Thank you!

Very nice, good code programming. Very impressed and I have a bachelor’s in coding. Easy to use interface software. Very easy for anyone that is new to the internet. Gives you the basic information in a way you can understand it. Keep up the good work guys.

Good app, without any ad… Simple and ease understanding UI. But it’s showing network name as primary Sim card name only, but I’m using secondary sim for data connect, which is different network provider..

It tell everything wrong 1stars only for the history it tells but when my device is connected to internet it takes too much time and then it says try again. And when ever I open only this app iternet is not functioning.how?? Its totally fake.now there is new bug that now the app crashes.

Gives you a good clear indication of ISP speeds,which is all I wanted,didn’t want bells, frills etc. Ad free Lite version, more apps should be the same.


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